Immediately Following Your First Chiropractic Adjustment

As a brand new chiropractic patient, you may wonder how you’ll feel after you receive your first spinal adjustment. Particularly, you’re probably wondering if it’s going to hurt and when you can start to feel relief from the symptoms you’re already feeling.

Because chiropractic care is such a personal healing process that affects everyone differently, there’s no way to say beyond a shadow of a doubt how you will respond to your first treatment. However, you can take comfort in the fact that the effects of chiropractic care are typically felt almost immediately after a treatment.

An Immediate Improvement

Most chiropractic patients report feeling better almost immediately after they’ve had an adjustment. If their bodies have spent years in a misaligned position, the relief can be almost overwhelming.

Again, while responses to treatment vary, many people report feeling more relaxed or limber after an adjustment. Others may feel a surge of powerful energy rushing through their body as their nerves begin to work properly for the first time in years. Symptoms like back and neck pain that they’ve struggled with for years may even vanish entirely before they’ve even left the office.

Wise chiropractors will warn patients at this point that the relief their patient is feeling may not be permanent at this point. Severe subluxations that have lasted for years require several treatments before the vertebrae can be restored to proper alignment.

A Slight Discomfort

Although most patients report feeling better almost immediately; some may report feelings of mild discomfort after their chiropractic adjustment. In particular, a feeling of soreness around the subluxation is very normal. This is the area where muscles have been pulling for long periods of time, and asking them to move in a different way can cause discomfort. In cases like these, a mild analgesic can usually relieve any pain symptoms you may be experiencing.

Feelings of Dizziness

A lightheaded feeling is an infrequent side effect of a spinal adjustment. This occurs because the nerve flow from the spine has been affected for a long period of time- perhaps even years. When these impulses begin to bombard the brain, it can result in feelings of energy and dizziness. This may feel frightening, but it’s just a sign that your body is healing itself and should be welcomed. A few deep breaths should be all you require to get through this panicky feeling.

Internal Changes

Sometimes patients don’t feel any differently after their first adjustment. This does not mean, however, that nothing has changed. The normal flow of energy has been restored following a chiropractic adjustment and it may take a period of a few days to a few weeks before you begin to notice a real change in outward signs.

It’s important not to give up on chiropractic care after your first treatment, just as your body did not wind up in pain overnight (in most cases), it usually cannot be healed after a single chiropractic adjustment. Keep an open dialogue with your chiropractic team and if you have any questions about how your body responds to treatment, don’t be shy about contacting them.


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