Seven Ways to Reduce Your Work Stress and Take Control of Your Life

An overabundance of stress is one of the biggest killers in our society, and it takes a toll on our health every single day. While the human body is designed to experience and adapt to the normal stresses of life, a negative stress reaction (distress) can occur when a person is continually faced with repeated bouts of stress without any downtime between them. The body then begins to rebel in a variety of ways, including high blood pressure, difficulty sleeping, and chest pain. While there’s no way (and no reason) to completely eliminate stress from our lives, the key to a healthier life is to learn how to reduce the stressors that you can control.

Recently, a study by the American Psychological Association reported that nearly one third of American workers experience chronic work-related stress. And unless you’re lucky enough to work for one of the few corporations who realize the importance of alleviating employee stress, it’s up to you to learn how to manage your relaxation on your own. Here are just a few things that you can do to lower your stress or lessen its impact on your health:


  1. Take a mini vacation in your mind. Think back to the best vacation that you’ve ever had, then close your eyes and relive the memories. Doing this will help clear your mind and fill your body with relaxation.
  2. Download a de-stressing application onto your smartphone. Why not use the device that is normally adding to your stress as a way to help relieve it?
  3. Keep some aromatherapy oils at your desk. Scent is linked to memory very directly, and the right smell can trigger a happy memory, instantly transporting you to a better place.
  4. Get up and take a walk. Just a quick lap down the hall and back can be enough to get your blood flowing, and that little bit of physical activity is still a great stress reliever. Be sure to carry some papers in your hand so nobody thinks you’re goofing off.
  5. Do some of your work on paper. Even if you’re just writing a simple list, your eyes will thank you for the break. Taking your eyes off of the computer screen for a while will give them a rest, while the change of pace can help lower your stress level.
  6. Eat an orange. You’ll get an energy boost from this tasty treat, and citrus fruits have properties that are known to help relieve stress.
  7. Turn on some relaxing music. Music truly does calm the savage beast.

These tips are fairly simple to implement, but the rewards they offer are huge. If you find that stress is starting to affect you physically, contact your Chiropractic team. They’ll help you figure out some healthy routines for managing the level of stress in your life.

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