What You Need to Know About Gout

Tophaceous Gout of the Hand

Gouty arthritis is a disease that’s often overlooked by patients and healthcare workers alike. This is because the symptoms of gout often mimic those of other diseases. Furthermore, many people think of gout as a medieval disease—one that afflicted the wealthy hundreds of years ago. If we’re not familiar with what it is and how to diagnose it, it’s too easy to mistake the disease for another one entirely.

What It Is

Gout is a type of arthritis which occurs when too much uric acid builds up in the bod. This leads to uric acid crystal deposits in the joints, especially that of the big toe. The result is excruciating pain and eventual destruction of the joint.

What It Looks Like

While most gout occurs in the big toe, it can strike other joints, including those in the hands, ankles and knees. The area frequently looks red and swollen and is extremely painful.

Who Is At Risk

Gout is unique, in that it’s one of the most frequently recorded diseases throughout mankind’s history. It’s been referred to as “the disease of kings,” because of its association with a wealthy lifestyle. It’s often aggravated by weight gain, obesity, high blood pressure, excessive sugar intake and overindulgence in alcohol. Of course, these aren’t the only causes of gout; it can also be triggered by certain medications and recent surgery or trauma. There’s also some evidence that gout and hyperuricemia have a genetic link.

Treatment for Gout

Your chiropractor is a great source of education and relief for gouty arthritis. Because this is a disease of the joints, chiropractors are very familiar with the condition and how to treat it. If you have gout, you may benefit from a visit with your chiropractic team. Your chiropractor can perform therapeutic adjustments to relieve the pain in your joints while working with you on various lifestyle modifications that will help manage your attacks.

Lifestyle Changes


Almost all chiropractors agree that one of the best ways to manage gout is by making a change in your lifestyle. Certain foods that contain purines are known to cause problems for gout and hyperuricemia sufferers. High purine foods like anchovies, sweetbreads, shellfish and gravy can lead to increased uric acid levels. It’s important to avoid these foods while eating more of foods that have anti-inflammatory properties. Foods like garlic, bananas and strawberries are a good choice for most gout sufferers.

Gout is an extremely painful disease, but one that can be managed by taking good care of yourself. Regular visits with your chiropractic team can reduce the pain associated with this type of arthritis as well as enable you to learn different ways to reduce your risk. Contact your chiropractic team today to find out how to take control of gouty arthritis and get your life back on the right foot again.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

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