Tips for Managing Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is full of wonderful changes, as well as some not so wonderful changes. To accommodate your little one’s growing fetus, your body will shift and expand. Hips get wider, tummies get heavier, and you retain more water. All of this can lead to a lot of back pain. No matter how far along you […]

Get a Flatter Tummy Naturally

As women, a lot of our weight can be centered in our tummies.  Even if we eat a healthy diet, we can still have belly bulge.  Well the good news is that there are many helpful belly targeting exercises we can do that can help to flatten and tone our tummies.  Follow the following helpful […]

Take A Moment To Tap Your Creative Powers

Creativity can be elusive. Sometimes ideas just seem to multiply. But at other times, just when you need them the most, they disappear.  And the more you push to make them pop up, the less you get. Researchers say pushing is really the wrong way to go.  University of California Santa Barbara professor, Jonathan Schooler […]

Chiropractic For Neuropathy Relief In Plano, Tx

If you have neuropathy pain and numbness, chiropractic may be able to help alleviate it naturally. Chiropractic works through the manual manipulation of the spine by a licensed chiropractor. Neuropathy is caused by impaired peripheral nerves. These impaired nerves can make it difficult for the brain and body to communicate. The symptoms may include tingling, […]

How Sitting Can Harm Your Health

Believe it or not, humans were not designed to sit, we were designed to walk. People were walking and hunting and gathering almost all hours of the day for hundreds of thousands of years. Nowadays, since most of our jobs require sitting in front of a computer screen or in a cramped office cubicle, these […]