Mini-Me Sports Injuries: Not-So-Small Price to Pay

From the time modern American children take their first steps, they have opportunities to be off and running — literally — beginning with Gymboree classes, followed by community sports and school athletics. In fact, approximately 30 million children under 18 participate in organized sports. Unfortunately, not every young athlete’s season ends the way it starts, […]

How To Get The Most From Your Chiropractor

When it comes to your own personal health and wellness, you have a lot more control and say than you may think you do. Sure, chiropractors are the professionals, but they’re going to need your help to make sure you’re getting the treatment you need. Whether you’ve been experiencing chronic back pain for a long […]

Getting to the Basics of Chiropractic Treatment

It’s easier now than ever before to get information on virtually anything you need to know about. Yet, sometimes we still prescribe to common misconceptions about things which are unfamiliar to us. One topic some people still don’t know too much about is chiropractic care. They have flat-out never heard of this field of medicine […]

Why Back Pain Keeps You Up at Night

It’s bad enough to deal with back pain on its own, but when you add sleep issues such as insomnia to the mix, you’re in for quite a ride in terms of getting your well-being back on track. Few things feed into each other so viciously as the cycle between insomnia and back pain, which […]

How 15 Minutes Can Power Everything You Do

Weekly workouts at the gym have a way of keeping us on target. So why not try 15-minute sessions with your chiropractor, too? In a busy schedule, 15 minutes a week is a small investment to monitor and maintain your health as you strengthen your body. We spend much more time than that maintaining our […]

Is Medication Your Best Choice for Back Pain?

When most of us have pain of any sort, our first reaction is to reach for the bottle of pain medication. Whether it’s a mild over-the-counter type or a stronger prescription pill, we’re looking for that instant relief that comes with medication. Even with some relief, is medication the best option for back pain? Or […]

3 Methods for Banishing Back Pain

Back pain is a common ailment that far too many people live with on a daily basis. It ranges in severity, but no matter what sort of back pain you suffer from, it’s undoubtedly a negative part of your life. If it’s not already, eliminating it should be at the top of your priority list. […]