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Yoga on its own is a great activity, but if you really want to get your balance right, then you should consider standup paddleboard (SUP) yoga.

Standup paddleboard yoga makes the ocean your personal yoga mat, which means a better workout for you and a level of relaxation you’ve never experienced before. YOGAqua is all the rage right now because it’s energizing, effective and fun.

YOGAqua in Texas


SUP yoga classes are going on now at Float On Yoga. Natalie “Nato” Tailford has been practicing yoga for almost a decade and now shares her love with others. She’s a certified Yoga Therapist and teaches students of every stage, from experienced yogis to those who’ve had no experience whatsoever with the lifestyle. Anyone is welcome at Float On Yoga.

Your two hour SUP yoga class includes:

  • 15 minutes of paddling instruction
  • 90 minutes of yoga, while floating on a board
  • 15 minutes of slow paddling back to the original location

Pricing is good too. A two hour class is only:

  • $40.00 for one person
  • $60.00 for a private class
  • $30.00 for a buddy discount (bring a friend and save)
  • $20.00 per person for a full class when you bring a group
  • $20.00 per person with this groupon coupon

Class sizes typically include five to seven people to maintain the ideal teacher to student ratio.

Benefits of Yoga

Chiropractors frequently recommend yoga to their clients, because it’s an excellent way to stay in shape physically, mentally and spiritually. People who regularly engage in yoga can expect:

  • A sunnier outlook on life
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • A superior quality of sleep
  • Higher levels of confidence
  • A toner and more fit body
  • A feeling of peace and tranquility

These benefits are believed to be increased when yoga is combined with a standup paddleboard. If you’d like to make a reservation, or find out more about how YOGAqua can change your life, contact Float On Yoga at (817)422-4062 or by email. A sense of wellness unlike any you’ve ever experienced is waiting for you. Call today and find out how to float your troubles away with standup paddleboard yoga classes in Lewisville or Grapevine, Texas.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician before beginning any new exercise regimen.

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