Healthy Snacks for Active Families

If your life is typical, you find yourself on the go constantly. These days it seems like everyone’s in a hurry and whole world is constantly running about 15 minutes behind. On days like these, it seems like the one area you can cut corners on is snack time. When you pick the kids up from school, they’re hungry and the simplest thing to do is run through a drive thru before soccer practice.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior is one of the causes of the childhood obesity epidemic that’s overwhelming our country. Because we’re all in such a hurry, we don’t even think about what we’re eating, and that can lead to problems down the road. We all need to put a little bit more thought and effort into what our kids are eating, and the kind of eating habits that we are encouraging them to develop.

The key to success is planning ahead of time. The next time you find yourself stuck in traffic, or on your way to soccer practice, have a plan ready that you can implement instead of just driving through.  With a small amount of preparation, you can have plenty of healthy, nutritious, and delicious snacks for your kids that are ready to roll when you are.


Healthy snacks for kids

1.  Cheese is an excellent quick and easy snack the kids love. String cheese even comes individually wrapped, so you can just grab it and go. It’s also full of protein, so it will keep little tummies happy until dinnertime.

2.  If you have a little time the night before, you can dip a banana in yogurt, and cover it with crushed peanuts. Then freeze it a few hours for a delicious frozen treat.

3.  Make your own trail mix with dry cereal, nuts, raisins, or whatever your kids like. Keep a small container in the car for when the cravings strike.

4.  Fill a waffle cone with strawberries or blueberries and cover it with yogurt. You could even have some nuts or granola for variety.

5.  Wrap a slice of deli meat around a piece of string cheese for a quick high-protein snack. You could even wrap around a breadstick for an inside-out sandwich.

6.  Keep chopped up carrots, celery, and apples and little baggies in your fridge. Just grab them and little cup of peanut butter and you’ve got a great snack you can take with you.

7.  After having looked over the list above, I’m sure you’ll be able to add to this list of great tasting healthy snack foods that will keep the kids from being hungry between meals. If you have any more questions about healthy foods for your family, contact a nutritionist or your Chiropractic team. They’ll have some great suggestions on how to keep your family at their healthiest.


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