Sit, Stay and Learn About Doggy Chiropractic Care

I still remember the first time that I heard about canine Chiropractic care. I laughed it off, thinking someone had devised a brand new way to divide fools from their money. A Chiropractor for a dog! Who would take their pet in for Chiropractic treatments?

As it turns out, a lot of people do, and for good reason. You see, ever since man and wolf decided to embark on a mutually beneficial relationship more than 30,000 years ago, humans have been breeding dogs to look and behave in very specific ways. One of the ways that man changed the look of the ancient wolf was by making their backs longer (think dachshunds and basset hounds), or by making their legs shorter, like a Welsh corgi. And while these abnormalities may be cute, they can certainly cause pain for our furry little buddies.

The fact is, dogs are susceptible to a lot of the same maladies that plague us: back and joint pain, arthritis and all the same little aches and pains that accompany an active lifestyle can hurt your pup just like they do you. The problem is, they can’t talk and explain to us when they’re hurting, so we pet owners have to play detective sometimes to get to the root of the problem.

Here are a few symptoms of spinal problems in your dog:

  • A yelp of pain after a quick movement when nothing else seems to be wrong
  • Weakness in the front legs
  • Extended periods of dry eyes
  • Being picked up around the chest area causes them to yelp or nip
  • Their back is hunched up
  • Spasms in the muscles in the back
  • Pain in the hips without any other signs of canine arthritis
  • Trouble standing up or lying down
  • Being unable to jump.

Chiropractic care, whether it is for you or for your dog, focuses on total body wellness and your body’s ability to heal itself. If your dog is experiencing chronic pain, getting rid of that pain or even lessening it will have a very positive experience on overall health.

A Chiropractor who specializes in canine Chiropractic care will examine your dog and perform a spinal adjustment to ensure that all the vertebrae in the back are lined up properly and there is no nerve blockage. With regular Chiropractic care, your furry little friend’s muscles will begin to repair themselves and there will be significant improvement in joint function and overall mobility.

Your dog’s first visit to the Chiropractor might be a little scary for them, but if you’re calm and reassuring, your dog will soon relax. A spinal adjustment for a human causes little to no discomfort and is exactly the same for your dog. Doctors of Chiropractic who specialize in animal care are very empathetic and will be able to put your dog at ease.

We all love our pets and if you have an aging dog or dog that is in pain, a trip to the Chiropractor may be just what your dog needs to relieve their pain and get back to their happy, active selves. You may find that Fido starts to look forward to his adjustments as much as you do!

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