Go Green: 7 Green Superfoods to Start Eating Today

Nutritionists, physicians and chiropractors alike generally agree that the best way to ensure that you’re getting enough vitamins in your diet is to make sure that your plate is filled with brightly colored fruits and vegetables.

“Eat the rainbow” is a common saying among those who understand that Mother Nature’s powerhouse foods are typically brightly colored. And if Mother Nature has a favorite color, I guarantee you that it’s green. Dark green vegetables are typically the healthiest of all the veggies we could eat (although oranges and yellows run a close second and third place). Here are seven green superfoods that will spice up your palate, jazz up your dinner plate and boost your health all at the same time.

Golden Kiwi

Kale – Kale is typically considered to be the healthiest of the salad greens because of its high levels of calcium, iron, fiber and vitamins A and K. Eat it in a salad or a fruit smoothie. Kale has a very mild taste that lends itself to almost any meal.

Green peppers – These were my go-to treat during pregnancy and it’s no wonder. They’re filled with more vitamin C than an orange, and they also contain high levels of vitamin A and potassium.

Brussel sprouts – This divisive veggie is one you love or hate. If you need a reason why you should join the ‘love’ camp, how about high levels of vitamins A, B6 and C, along with a heaping helping of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids?

Green tea – Next to water, green tea may be the best drink out there for your health. It’s rich in antioxidants that can help fight disease while keeping your skin youthful. It’s also been linked to lowered diabetes and heart disease risks. Plus, it tastes delicious!

Kiwi – Who doesn’t love kiwi? Those fuzzy little fruits are beautiful and taste absolutely amazing. Who knew they also contained more vitamin C than an orange along with antioxidants that protect your eyes?

Basil – This little herb is a healthy living dynamo. Vitamins A, B6 C and K? Check. Fiber, calcium, iron and zinc? Also there. Heck, basil even has anti-anxiety properties that can help reduce the stress hormone cortisol. If all that’s not enough, some experts suggest that it may even be able to heal acne.

Olives and olive oil – Olives are a great snack that leaves your body in better condition than when you started eating. They’re good for arthritis, diabetes and may even be able to lower the risk of certain cancers.

Remember, when it comes to eating healthy you want a plate that’s as colorful as possible. If you need any more advice about your diet or how nutrition can help you live longer and better, contact your chiropractic team. They’ll be able to explain just how important green vegetables are for a healthy life.


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