The Five Best and Worst States for Stress

I Stress Out Too Well

It’s no secret that this country is overcome with stress. According to a new Gallup-Healthways report, our nation is in serious trouble when it comes to tension, reporting that more than 40 percent of Americans experienced stress “yesterday” in 2012.

The report was conducted throughout 2012, and is based on 350,000 interviews with Americans, who were asked questions about their levels of stress and the last time they experienced enjoyment. Below are the top five most stressed states, according to the report.

The Top Five Most Stressed Out States

Out of all the others, these five are most desperate for a nap, a massage, and a hot cup of tea:

5. Massachusetts – The bay state starts the list at number five, because almost half (43.4 percent) of its residents reported that they felt stressed yesterday.

4. Utah – Coming in fourth, the beehive state is a true anomaly, in that 44.6 percent of residents claim to have felt stressed yesterday, yet they also reported some of the highest levels of enjoyment in the union.

3. Kentucky – The bluegrass state has a lot to be blue about. 44.8 percent of those polled said that they’d experienced stress the day before.

2. Rhode Island – The ocean state is a tiny area with a big problem. 46.3 percent of those who call “Little Rhody” home reported a feeling of stress the day before.

1. West Virginia – Those who call the Mountain State their home, may want those country roads to take them somewhere else. 47.1 percent of people polled said they’d felt stressed out yesterday, giving them the dubious honor of being the most stressed state in the nation.


The Top Five Least Stressed States

While every state in the country reported an alarming amount of stress, these five seemed to be coping better than the rest:

5. Wyoming – The equality state’s low level of stress (only 38.6 percent of residents claimed to feel stress yesterday), might be the result of being the second least densely populated state in the union, with only 5.851 people per square mile.

Hawaii 2010

4. Iowa – Residents of the Hawkeye state report a lower than average level of stress, with only 38.1 percent claiming to have felt any the day before.

3. Mississippi – The magnolia state may boast the highest obesity levels in the union, but they’re one of the most relaxed. Only 37.9 of Mississippians polled reported that they’d felt stressed yesterday.

2. Louisiana – Those who were born on the bayou know that the pelican state is one of the most stress-free of all. Only 37.6 of those who live there felt stress the day before the survey.

1. Hawaii – Whether it’s because of the beautiful beaches, nearby ocean or sun-filled days, the Aloha state is the most relaxing one in the country, with less than 1/3 of respondents (32.1 to be precise) reporting a feeling of stress yesterday.

No matter what state you live in, your chiropractic team is there to help you feel calm and relaxed. If you’re having a difficult time coping with stress, contact your chiropractor today and take your mental well-being back into your own hands.


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