How to Recover After Waking Up On the Wrong Side of the Bed

Finally Awake

As soon as my feet hit the floor I knew that I was only going to get through my morning without killing someone only through sheer force of will. My husband, the eternal morning optimist noticed and asked me brightly what he could do to help get my mood back on track, but the only answer I had for him was to switch my brain out for a new one. I had what experts refer to as ‘waking up on the wrong side of the bed’ syndrome, and I had it bad.

How many times have you had a perfectly good mood ruined by an innocuous comment or a trivial event? How many other times have you found yourself cranky and out of patience for no real reason that you can pinpoint? If you’re frequently grouchy or out of sorts for no real reason, then it may be time for a ‘re-makeover.’

What’s That Again?

A re-makeover refers to the simplest and most effective way to get your attitude adjusted. Simply put, if you want to improve your mood you need to do three things: redirect, rehearse and reinforce.

Redirecting is a fairly straightforward technique. When you find yourself running through the same old litany of negative thoughts, you actively redirect your thinking to a more positive venue. For example, instead of focusing on how much I hate waking up in the morning, I could have made the choice to focus on the things that I enjoy about waking up early, like the peace and quiet I can enjoy while drinking my morning coffee.

I am not a morning person

Rehearsing takes a little more forethought than step one, but it’s still vitally important in retraining your mood. Rehearsing involves visualizing a more positive scenario than what you’re coping with currently. For years I’ve considered myself a night owl, even when I wake up early. If you have the same problem it may be wise to ask yourself if you’ve fallen victim to old visualization techniques and then try a few new ones to see if they fit better.

The last key to change is to reinforce. Focus on your successes and reward yourself accordingly. Remember, this step isn’t about wishful thinking; it’s about stopping to notice and appreciate what you’re doing right instead of focusing on what’s wrong.

It takes a little work, but redirecting, rehearsing and reinforcing are the keys to making a real mental change that lasts. If you’re having a hard time focusing on the positive parts of your life because of stress or chronic pain, it may be time to schedule a trip to the chiropractor. Your chiropractic team is there to help you attain complete wellness of body, mind and spirit; and that’s a gift we can all use to help us make even the roughest mornings bearable again.


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