Tips for Starting Your Day off Right – Breakfast Edition

As every mother knows, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Students who skip breakfast have lower test scores than those who get the day started off with a nutritious bang. Furthermore, skipping breakfast can make you unhealthy. Beginning the day with a nice balanced breakfast means you’re less likely to become uncontrollably hungry midway through the morning, and less inclined to make poor eating decisions.

Many people don’t feel hungry right after they wake up. Even though they’ve gone up to 12 hours without eating, they think that all they need to get started on the day is a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst nutrition mistakes that we can make, as the mid-morning caffeine crash is likely to compound the munchies you’re going to get as soon as your body is ready for breakfast.

So, what’s a non-breakfast eater supposed to do? You need to train your body to take in nourishment in the morning. It might seem like an impossible feat, but even a small amount of food will help get your day off on the right track. These breakfast tips will help you get your body the energy that it needs, as painlessly as possible.

Pain-Free Breakfast Tips:

  • Make sure that you get enough protein. If you prefer to have cold cereal for breakfast, consider adding a hard-boiled egg to the meal to boost the amount of protein you’re consuming. If you can’t stomach anything but toast first thing in the morning, consider topping it with a full serving of peanut or almond butter. Protein digests slower than carbs, so it will keep you full longer.
  • Choose a high-fiber option. There are lots of delicious high-fiber cereals, muffins and breads that you can incorporate into your breakfast to make you feel fuller longer. High fiber bars are a great way to get your calories on the go.
  • Make sure that you get enough food. Ideally, you would want to eat 300 to 400 calories for breakfast to ensure that your body gets enough energy. That’s enough to keep you going until lunch without heeding the siren song of your company’s vending machine.
  • Don’t wait too long to eat breakfast; ideally you should grab a bite within an hour of waking up. You don’t want to wait too long, because the longer you wait, the hungrier and less likely you are to be satisfied by a balanced breakfast.

We all have hectic schedules, but taking just a few moments out of our busy day to start it off right can make a difference that you will feel all day long. If you are considering making changes to your breakfast habits for a diet or other weight-loss considerations, be sure to talk to your doctor, Chiropractor, or other healthcare professional; they may have tips to help you achieve your goals more easily.

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