What Your Tongue Says About Your Health

Open wide and say, “Ahhh!” There’s a reason why your physician wants to look at your tongue and throat every time you’re at the doctor’s office. Your tongue is a key marker of your health, and can show symptoms of disease and vitamin deficiencies.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a doctor to find trouble on your tongue. If you know what to look for, diagnosing health problems via the tongue is a quick and simple matter. Here’s what to look for to ensure a healthy tongue:

  • Color. The first thing you should notice is any change in color of your tongue. A healthy tongue should be pinkish in color, and without a coating.
  • The surface should be moist, with an even texture. Tongue should not be overly smooth, yet should be free from patches or spots.
  • The coating should be thin and transparent. Keeping the tongue clean can prevent a potentially dangerous fungal infection from developing.

Tongue Problems

What if your tongue doesn’t measure up to the ideal? What do discolorations, acne, or a white coating mean? Here are some of the most common abnormalities of the tongue and what they mean about your health:

    • A white coating on the tongue can be the result of a candida (yeast) infection or the result of problems in the gall bladder.
    • A pale tongue can mean that your blood is lacking in hemoglobin. If you’re feeling tired and lethargic, you could probably benefit from eating some iron-rich foods.
    • A bright red, inflamed tongue indicates a lack of necessary nutrients- vitamin B and iron, in particular. Lean meats, nuts and shellfish are all great sources of vitamin B.
    • A purple tongue could be the result of high cholesterol or chronic bronchitis. Because it can be indicative of heart or oxygen difficulties, you should seek medical advice.
    • A dry tongue is frequently caused by swollen salivary glands, which is frequently due to stress. Proper relaxation techniques, like yoga can help.
    • A brown tongue is usually indicative of tobacco use. Naturally, it’s also a sign that you should consider giving up tobacco.
    • Red, raised spots reminiscent of a strawberry are often caused by a lack of vitamin C. However, if they’re just on the front of the tongue, you’re probably drinking beverages which are too hot for your body to tolerate.

As you can see, the tongue is a great indicator of your health. While most chiropractors don’t examine the tongue as an indicator of health, they’re able to assess your level of health just the same. Your spine and posture are also good ways to judge how you’re feeling. Regular visits with your primary care physician and your chiropractic team are a great way to catch any health problems before they get the chance to become serious.


Story credit: http://dailyhealthpost.com/what-your-tongue-says-about-your-health/#axzz2PunZo2Wu

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