Manage Neuropathy Pain and Numbness With Chiropractic Care

Is neuropathy nerve pain and numbness controlling your life? Tired of taking pain medicines without any REAL relief? Why not try a natural solution to your pain like Chiropractic therapy. With Chiropractic care you can manage your pain more effectively because you are allowing your body’s natural healing capability to correct the problem not just treating the symptoms.

Neuropathy is caused by damaged peripheral nerves of the body. The damaged nerves make it difficult for the body and brain to communicate. The skin, joints, muscles, and internal organs can have trouble receiving signals from the brain. Over time, the condition usually worsens.

Chiropractic care focuses on returning proper balance to the spine. And since the spine is the part of the body that carries the nerves from the brain to the body, nerve function can be improved through chiropractic care. Improving the nerve function over time will help reduce the pain that neuropathy sufferers feel.

At The Joint – Dallas, we perform subluxation (the correction of spinal misalignment) to release any built up pressure or pinched nerves that cause pain and discomfort. Spinal misalignment is one of the leading causes of chronic pain and is one of the easiest (and most affordable) to treat.