April is Stress Awareness Month

“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want”   –Abraham Hicks

April is stress awareness month, and that means it’s time to take a deep breath and learn how to relax. Today we’re going to discuss some simple ways to cope with stress and anxiety, and then I’ll share a link to a free ebook on stress that you can download onto your Kindle. Ready? Let’s begin.

Understanding Stress

To put it simply, stress is the body’s way of reacting to a challenge, and while we typically think of this as an unnatural state, it’s actually quite normal and helpful. Whenever you’re faced with a stressful event, your body reacts by deciding whether to fight or fly away from the stressor. Without the stress response, you’d probably have a lot more scars than you currently carry. Certainly, your car would have a few more dents.

But stress is helpful for more mundane scenarios too. Stress is what keeps you focused on a task you don’t want to deal with. It’s what makes you study for a test when you’d rather be out with your friends. It’s what gets you up in the morning. In many ways, stress is your friend.

The problem lies in the fact that your body often can’t tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy stress, or when there’s not a period of relaxation between stressors. People who routinely deal with stress may even come to view the pressure that they’re under as normal and forget how to relax completely. This constant level of stress can lead to both physical and emotional problems down the line.

Testing Your Stress Level

Stress in itself isn’t bad, but when it starts building up, it can take a toll on every aspect of our lives. If you think you may be overstressed, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you often moody, snappish, or easily distracted?
  • Do you have a difficult time letting go of anger?
  • Do you lack a specific technique for calming yourself?
  • Are you unable to turn to others when you’re feeling stressed out?
  • Do you frequently bring work stresses home with you?
  • Can you talk yourself down when your stress levels are out of control?
  • Is your stress controlling you?
  • Do you find yourself making excuses for things you’ve said or done while stressed?

If you’ve answered yes to more than two questions, it may be time to make a chiropractic appointment. Your chiropractic team can help by reducing some of the tension you’re carrying around now and teaching you ways to deal with it in the future.

In honor of Stress Awareness Month, why not make the commitment to yourself and your loved ones to get on top of stress? Chiropractic care, meditation, yoga, and self-help books are great way to care for yourself. On that note, Doc Orman, M.D. is giving away free copies of his book, The Art of True Forgiveness to bring awareness to Stress Awareness Month. It’s available through Amazon.com April 15-19th, 2013. 


Story credit: http://www.helpguide.org/mental/stress_signs.htm


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