Lace Up Your Tennis Shoes to Lower Your Blood Sugar

According to a new study, if you’re a senior citizen then keeping your blood sugar levels in check may be as simple as taking a 15 minute walk after meals. Researchers found that walking at an easy to moderate pace for 15 minutes after dinner helps to lower your blood sugar over a 24 hour period as much as walking for 45 minutes.

The study’s researcher, Loretta DiPietro, Ph.D., MPH, chair of the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services Department of Exercise Science said that the “muscle contractions connected with short walks were immediately effective in blunting the potentially damaging elevations in post-meal blood sugar commonly observed in older people.”

Many people who have diabetes don’t realize that they can still take control of their disease and avoid some of the unwanted consequences. Walking is a great way for diabetics and non-diabetics alike to manage blood sugar levels. The news that short walks can control blood sugar is exceptionally good news for seniors who may have trouble walking for 45 minutes without a break.

Parents walking on the beach

Walking isn’t just good for blood sugar levels. Seniors who walk regularly tend to have sharper memories. In one study, physical activity like walking appeared to stimulate a part of brain activity that frequently becomes impaired with age.

While almost anyone can benefit from walking, it’s extremely important to check with your primary care physician or your chiropractor before you begin a walking regimen, especially if you have diabetes. Your doctors will be able to tell you whether or not you need to take any sort of special precautions when you begin working out.

Past research has shown that exercise can be a great assistance to those who have Type 2 diabetes. Not only does walking help keep blood sugar levels down, it can help reduce cravings in some people. It’s also a great exercise to perform alone or in a group. You don’t need any special equipment (besides a good pair of shoes) and almost anyone can do it anywhere.

If you’d like more information about how to lower your blood sugar, contact your chiropractic team. They’ll be able to explain how you can protect yourself from diabetes and how to manage it if you’ve already got it.


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