Six Warning Signs of Low Testosterone

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Low testosterone is becoming more common in this country. Some of the reason is because our population is growing older, while men are becoming more open about discussing health problems with their doctors. There appears to finally be an acceptance among men that this condition is a treatable problem that’s no laughing matter.

Testosterone is considered to be the “male hormone.” While women also produce this hormone, it’s even more necessary for men. Testosterone is responsible for many things, but it’s most commonly associated with:

  • Building muscles
  • Deepening the voice
  • Keeping sex organs healthy

Low “T” levels can lead to problems both physical and mental. If you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately, check out these six warning signs to find out if your testosterone levels could use a boost.

Warning Signs of Low Testosterone

  1. The first and most obvious sign of low testosterone often comes in the bedroom. If you’re not as interested in romance as you once were or if you’re physically unable to perform as normal, it could be the result of low testosterone levels.
  2. Fatigue is another common response to low testosterone. Many men with low T describe a general malaise or a lack of energy that doesn’t go away even after getting plenty of sleep. They may spend a lot of time sitting in front of the TV or sleeping excessively.
  3. Mood swings are commonly seen in men with low T levels. Men with this condition often seem to vacillate between moods. Their families may even describe them as having a “hair trigger temper.”
  4. Depression is another side effect that can sometimes mask the true problem. Very often a man with low testosterone may consider depression to be the primary problem and treat that instead of digging further to uncover what’s really at fault.
  5. Low T levels can lead to a reduction in muscle mass. While it doesn’t cause the muscles to vanish, a man with this condition may feel as if he’s not as strong as he once was. In frustration, he may turn to lifting weights and find that he makes no progress.
  6. Excess body fat is another common sign of low testosterone. Many men begin to notice an increase in weight around their gut (the “spare tire”). Others may notice that their chest becomes flabbier.

If you’ve been noticing a decline in your mood or your body, it’s important for you to contact a medical specialist for treatment. Your chiropractic team can help you analyze your options if you’ve been diagnosed with Low T. Low testosterone levels don’t typically fix themselves, so it’s important for you to get help for this completely treatable medical condition.


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