Gardening – Get Your Zen On

If you’ve been thinking about starting a garden of your own, it’s time to get started. Gardening is one of the best hobbies you could ever pick up for so many reasons (that I’ll go into here in a minute). They’re fun to tend, nice to look at and healthy in ways you may never have considered. If you’ve never really given a lot of thought to growing your own garden, here are a few good reasons why you should start digging in the dirt today:

  • There’s nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment that comes from growing something from a  seed. It’s a truly magical experience to add a tiny seed or sprout to dirt and watch it thrive and eventually grow into adulthood.
  • You’re in complete control of what goes into your mouth. In order to maximize profits, many companies spread pesticides on their fruits and veggies. Once they make it to the store, they’re frequently rubbed down with waxes to make them more appealing. All of these chemicals then get taken home by you to be eaten by your family.
  • Home grown fruits and vegetables are healthier. Once a food is taken out of the ground or off of the tree, it immediately begins to lose vitamins. Growing your own produce means that you can have fresh food on the table that was living in soil just a half an hour earlier.
  • Fresh grown food tastes better. My favorite childhood memories are of the summers I spent on my grandparents’ farm. Their vegetables were so wonderful that we would frequently eat them as a meal without meat. This was a delicious way to save money and calories for the day.
  • Gardening is a simple way to relieve stress. The next time you see a neighbor in their garden, take notice of how relaxed they look. There’s something about digging your hands into fresh dirt as you sit under the warm sun that relaxes your mind and brings you back in touch with nature.

You don’t have to live on a farm to enjoy the benefits of a garden. Heck, you don’t even have to grow food in a garden if you don’t want to. A beautifully tended cluster of flowers is a welcome sight to all who come to your home. It’s a simple way of showing that you care about beautifying your home and that you enjoy lovely things in your life. Also, a room full of fresh flowers is a potent air freshener that no amount of aerosol can beat. Gardening may seem like an odd topic to read about on a chiropractic site, but the fact is that chiropractic care and gardening share the same goal – to care for the body, mind, and spirit. And that, my gardening friend, is the key to good health in a nutshell.   Story credit

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