Skin Tags and How to Get Rid Of Them

Whenever you think about skin tags, what’s the image that comes to mind? For me, I think of an old witch, with green skin and growths on her face, standing over a boiling cauldron as she stirs a potion that will kill the beautiful princess (if her plans aren’t foiled). I can say this, because I’ve had to fight off my fair share of the nasty buggers over the years.

Of course, you don’t have to be an old witch to develop growths like these, but the fact remains if you’re covered in skin tags, it’s hard to feel attractive. So, what exactly are these growths and how can we get rid of them? There are a few home remedies available to remove these unsightly lumps and bumps without a lot of effort or time. However, like any other home remedy, it’s crucial for you to speak with your dermatologist before beginning treatment.

Skinning the Skin Tag                                                  

Skin tags are benign skin growths that look like a soft piece of hanging skin. They’re frequently caused by obesity (skin rubbing against skin frequently leads to skin tag problems) or heredity. Skin tags are harmless, but can be very distressing; a single individual can grow more than 100 tags on their body if they’re susceptible to them. They can be found all over the body, but commonly form under the arms, around eyelids, at the base of the neck or underneath breasts. They are typically small, but some may become as large as a grape over time.

Most skin tags don’t fall off on their own and require removal. With your dermatologist’s approval, you can try two different techniques:

  1. The clear nail polish approach. Wash the area, then cover the skin tag twice a day with clear nail polish and let it dry. The skin tags should begin to shrink over a period of days, before vanishing entirely.
  2. The strangulation approach. Tie a very thin piece of thread or dental floss at the tag’s base. This will cut off blood to the skin tag, which will eventually fall off.

If you’re prone to skin tags, you may hear suggestions like freezing it off at home or cutting it off yourself with scissors. These are procedures you should never try on your own.

Preventing skin tags

Quality health care should prevent skin tags from returning or at least slow their production. Keep your body lean and trim, visit your chiropractor regularly and schedule a trip to the dermatologist if you find that your skin problems are getting out of hand. Remember, most problems in life are best resolved when you squelch them while they’re still small.


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