Sneaky Ways to Get More Greens in Your Life

Most Americans aren’t getting anywhere near the recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables in their diets every day. The USDA food pyramid suggests that we all eat between two to four servings of fruit a day and anywhere from three to five servings of vegetables. Furthermore, it’s suggested that most of these servings be in the form of leafy greens.

Green beans and eggplant.

Almost all of us are woefully short on our greens. That’s because one serving equals two cups of leafy greens, and experts suggest that we eat at least four cups per day. That’s a whole lotta salad! If you don’t want to eat two salads a day but still want to make sure you get your veggie servings in, the key is to be sneaky. Here are a few sneaky ways to get the greens you need without even pulling out the salad dressing.

  • Mix them in eggs and scramble up something delicious.
  • Blend them up in a smoothie. Spinach works especially well.
  • Add them to beans. Kale and chard work well with black beans.
  • Puree them in with the soup that you’re making.
  • Top a pizza with greens and fresh mozzarella.
  • Top your pasta with greens like spinach.
  • Bake them in a muffin.

Because most greens have a mild taste, they can be hidden in a variety of foods; this means that you don’t have to sit down to the same boring salad every single day to get the nutrients that you need.

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