Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Holistic Therapies

If you’ve been dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) for a while, you may feel frustrated by the lack of options you have for managing your disease. Too often, CFS sufferers must choose between battling their disease without medical care or taking handfuls of prescription pills to relieve their symptoms. Many sufferers spend years trying to find relief without realizing that there is another way. 

Many of the symptoms related to chronic fatigue syndrome can be managed with alternative medicine. Talk to your primary care physician about the following treatments to find out if they can help you. Even if you decide to continue taking medication for CFS, you may find that alternative medicine is a complementary treatment to traditional drug therapies.


Recent Chinese studies have shown that acupuncture and traditional Chinese medication are effective ways to reduce fatigue and improve brain functions. A separate study showed that patients with chronic fatigue syndrome frequently have abnormal circadian rhythm and that treatment with electroacupuncture helps regulate circadian rhythm and improve cognitive function in CFS patients.  


Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome often find exercise difficult. For this reason, many CFS sufferers turn to yoga. Yoga is a gentle way to stretch and loosen the tight muscles and joints that frequently accompany this disease. Traditional yoga methods emphasize controlled breathing and awareness, which helps calm and relax the body. Some studies have even discovered that patients who perform yoga report improved mood and function while experiencing decreased levels of fatigue and pain.

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Nutrition and Supplements

Many CFS patients find that avoiding certain foods can help relieve some of the symptoms associated with this disease. Caffeine, sugar, alcohol and refined foods are all items that chronic fatigue sufferers can exclude from their diet without forgoing nutrition. In addition to eating better, patients and their doctors may approve supplements like B vitamins, magnesium, vitamin D and omega 3 fish oils.

Chiropractic Care

Of all the holistic therapies, chiropractic care is probably the most likely to result in a positive outcome for CFS sufferers. Chiropractic care works by restoring alignment and balance to the spine, enabling the body to perform more efficiently in fighting off illness. Additionally, chiropractic care reduces tension in the body, which results in a more relaxed state for the CFS patient.

If you’ve been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and you’re weary of taking dozens of pills every day, talk to your primary care physician or your chiropractor to find out how alternative treatments can benefit you. CFS is not an “either-or” disease; it’s possible to combine traditional medical treatments with alternative methods to ensure a tailor-made solution to your own specific health needs.


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