Natural Relief for Tennis Elbow

Many people are surprised to learn that they have tennis elbow. Because of its name, they believe that this syndrome is limited to athletes or at least those who have a passing familiarity with tennis or squash. The fact is, most people who develop tennis elbow don’t even play the game. 


‘Tennis elbow’ is the term used to describe the elbow pain that develops on the outer elbow and upper part of the forearm. It’s typically caused by an inflammation of the tendon in that area, which can be the result of overuse or degeneration.

Causes of Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is typically a repetitive stress injury that results from overuse. Any forceful, repetitive movements of the wrist like playing tennis or typing can result in shortening in the muscles. This in turn leads to a tear in the muscle or tendon which results in excruciating pain and an ultimate diagnosis of tennis elbow. In addition to playing tennis or typing, this injury can be caused by activities like gardening, carpentry and desk work. It’s also seen quite often in professional bowlers.

Chiropractic Care for Treating Tennis Elbow

If you think that you may have tennis elbow, it would be in your best interests to contact your chiropractic team right away. Immediate treatment will help keep the pain associated with tennis elbow to a minimum while decreasing the amount of time necessary to recover. A typical case of tennis elbow will involve the following treatment methods:

Ice therapy – Particularly during the first 48-72 hours, ice can relieve inflammation and swelling associated with tennis elbow.

Compression – Your chiropractor may suggest that you keep the area immobilized by wearing a brace specially designed to relieve your symptoms.

Rest – It is advised in the case of overexertion injuries like this that patients try to avoid performing any activities which may aggravate their condition.

Adjustments – Your chiropractor will be able to adjust the elbow and shoulder to relieve pressure and allow the body to assist in its own healing.

In addition to caring for your injury, your chiropractor will also be able to teach you how to avoid re-injuring the site in the future. Exercise techniques, lifestyle modification and warm up stretches are just a few of the ways your chiropractic team can help you avoid injuring yourself again.

Tennis elbow is an exquisitely painful condition that responds well to chiropractic treatment. If you’re coping with pain in your elbow, shoulder, or wrist, contact your chiropractic team today. They’ll be able to get you back on the tennis court (or in the office) quickly and without the use of drugs or surgery.


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