What to Expect After Your First Chiropractic Visit

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If you’ve never had a chiropractic adjustment before, you may be wondering how you’ll feel afterward. Some of the most common questions people ask their chiropractor during their first visit are about what they can expect after the adjustment is complete. In order to ease your mind, we’ve gathered some of the most common queries about this topic and what you can expect after your first chiropractic visit.

Will I Be In Pain?

Most patients who come in for chiropractic care experience only relief after their first adjustment. However, others may feel a little sore or tender after chiropractic care. It’s important to remember that if your spine has been improperly aligned for an extended period of time, your body has learned to compensate. This means that moving the body into the correct position may not feel completely comfortable to you for a while. However, any discomfort that you may experience is generally relieved with a mild over the counter NSAID, like Motrin or Advil.

Can I Return to Work After An Adjustment?

Absolutely! Many people schedule their chiropractic visits during their lunch hour and are able to return to work immediately. However, if you’re nervous about your first visit, you can schedule your visit after work or even on the weekend. Your chiropractic team has flexible hours to ensure that patients who work all shifts are able to receive the care they need.

I Didn’t Feel Anything. Does That Mean It Didn’t Work?

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Just as every individual is unique, so is every adjustment. Some patients feel an overwhelming emotional response to chiropractic care. The unexpected burst of energy that sometimes accompanies a good adjustment can lead to tears or dizziness. This is a normal state and is nothing to be concerned about. In some cases, people feel nothing after an adjustment, and that’s normal too. As long as your mobility is increased, then you’re on the right track.

How Many Visits Will I Have to Make?

Chiropractic care frequently takes a few visits for the full effects to kick in. However, this method of healthcare focuses on complete wellness—not just relieving pain. For best results, you should plan on visiting your chiropractor somewhat regularly. Personally, I visit my doctor of chiropractic twice a month and find this to be quite satisfactory. The Joint offers extremely reasonable prices and package deals are available to increase the savings even more.

If you’re nervous about what to expect the first time, feel free to communicate your concerns to your chiropractic team. They know that any new experience can be frightening, and that includes chiropractic care. However, with a little time you’ll come to realize why chiropractic has long been considered to be the safest healthcare technique around.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

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