Your Chiropractor: The Migraine Buster

If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know that you’re not dealing with any ordinary headache. Between the vision problems, nausea and excruciating pain, it may feel like there’s no way to get any sort of relief. Chronic migraine sufferers, who may have to deal with these horrible headaches nearly every day, can find that their whole world is impacted. Their work, family and social life all have to take a back seat to dealing with the pain.

Trying to Find Relief

If you’re coping with chronic migraines, you’ve tried everything to get some relief. Pills, vitamins and elimination diets are just a few of the “miracle cures” that have failed you. It probably seems like there’s nothing left to hope for. If any of this sounds familiar, why not give one more thing a try?

Can A Spinal Adjustment Help Relieve the Pain?

According to a study performed by doctors from the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, spinal adjustments may be able to relieve migraine pain. After gathering 10 patients with a history of migraine headaches, they asked them to evaluate their pain on a scale of zero to 10, where zero meant that they were completely headache free and ten meant that they were experiencing the worst possible headache they’d ever endured. The subjects were then treated with both spinal adjustments and massage.

After treatment, the men were again asked to rate the intensity of their headaches, and the results were extremely positive. Every subject in the study reported a reduction in headache intensity and satisfaction with their treatment.

The patients were then asked to stay in the clinic for another hour so that their recovery could be monitored. Two of the subjects were unable to be interviewed as they had already left the clinic. Their migraines had been keeping them awake for so long, and after receiving relief from the manipulation, they wanted to go home and rest.

The doctors concluded their findings by saying that it’s their belief that massage and chiropractic manipulation can greatly reduce the pain associated with migraines. And while further studies are required before this constitutes a “miracle cure,” it’s a hopeful step forward for those who cope with chronic migraines.

If you suffer from recurrent migraines, talk to your primary care provider or your chiropractor to find out what help is out there for you. Or speak to them both- chiropractic care is an extremely complementary method of care, and there’s no reason why you should forsake one method of treatment for another. If you’ve been hurting, I urge you to talk to a professional about ways that they can help. It’s time to get your life back from migraines.


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