Fake Foods That Could be Harming Your Health

If you regularly eat prepackaged or processed foods, there are literally thousands of ingredients you regularly consume that aren’t even foods. Artificial flavors, colors and preservatives that were created in a laboratory have no place inside of the human body. Just because you can buy them at the grocery store doesn’t make them food. Here are a few of the biggest offenders.

  1. Butter spray- Made up of mostly water, soybean oil and salt, butter spray is more chemical than dairy.
  2. Chocolate chips- When is a chocolate chip not chocolate? When it doesn’t contain any cocoa butter at all. Beware of chocolate chip “flavored” chips if you want the real thing. Instead, indulge in a little dark chocolate, which can actually be good for you in small amounts.
  3. Nachos at GameBlueberries- Most of the blueberries in processed foods aren’t blueberries at all. Instead, they’re chemically-derived “fauxberries,” that contain flavorings, colorings, preservatives and a whole lot of yuck.
  4. Fake cheese- As a teenager I worked in a snack bar that sold nachos made with (and I quote) “100 percent imitation processed cheese food substitute.” There aren’t enough eye rolls in the world to do this “food” justice.
  5. Mashed potatoes sans potatoes- I don’t know who decided instant potatoes tasted like real ones, but they were wrong! Instead of dishing up dehydrated potato flakes, flavorings, preservatives and emulsifiers, why not make your own?
  6. Processed tea drinks- When do you lose the healthy benefits from green tea? When you pack it full of excess ingredients and added sugar. It doesn’t take that long to skip the chemistry lesson and brew up some green tea at home to drink.

When it comes to food, it’s always best to eat as close to the source as possible. Your chiropractic team can give you some great pointers on how to eat well without sacrificing flavor for convenience. Why not give your chiropractor a call today and start incorporating some overdue wellness into your life?


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

Story credit, Photo credit: Nachos at Game by camknows. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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