How New Mothers Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care

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Pregnancy is a time of many changes. If you’ve just had a baby, you’ve probably gained about 25 to 30 pounds over the past nine months. This, combined with your baby’s rapid growth during the final two months of pregnancy, have worked together to throw your center of gravity off. Throw in some ligaments that have loosened to allow your child to be birthed more easily, and it’s no wonder why many women insist that they don’t feel like they recognize their bodies anymore.

While new mothers are taught what to expect during pregnancies, most of us are shocked to discover that after we deliver, our bodies don’t immediately snap into place. Not only is there extra weight to deal with, a new mother may feel as if her body is weak and tender. Between this feeling and the weariness that goes along with caring for a newborn, it may seem as if your old body is completely out of reach. If this sounds familiar to you, then take comfort in knowing that chiropractic care can help restore your body structure to its pre-pregnancy state.

Seeking Out Chiropractic Care                             

Overall, the biggest reason that women seek out chiropractic care after childbirth is due to lower back pain. Some women who don’t understand how safe this treatment is may suffer with back pain throughout their entire pregnancy, hoping that the pain will go away once their baby is born. While this is the case for some new mothers, many will find that their pain persists even after childbirth.

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The second reason why most women go to see a chiropractor after their pregnancy is to deal with pain caused by labor. Frequently, as the baby descends through the birth canal, the mother’s pelvis bones can shift. This is especially common in women who’ve experienced “back labor.” Regardless of how long you were in labor or the size of your baby, you may find yourself coping with back pain after going through childbirth. Subluxations and misalignments of the pelvis are common results of this traumatic experience, and an excellent reason why every new mother should visit with her chiropractic team as soon as she’s able.

The third most common reason why new mothers visit their chiropractor is because their bodies are aching from the trials that come along with a new baby. Carrying heavy infant seats, “baby-wearing,” and poor posture while breastfeeding, when combined with fatigue and lack of exercise, can lead to wear and tear on the joints. Chiropractic care can help alleviate the pain associated with becoming a new mother.

Chiropractic care is helpful for almost anyone. It’s especially useful for pregnant women and new mothers. If you’re feeling stiff and sore after delivering your baby, chiropractic care can help your body become stronger and better able to care for your new child.


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