How to Silence the Snoring Beast Lying Next to You


If you’ve ever watched a sitcom circa the 1960s, you know that snoring follows a predictable pattern. The snorer is always a man and he saws logs merrily, while in the bed next to him, his wife frantically covers her head with a pillow and mugs for the camera. The next morning he awakes, refreshed, ready for a huge breakfast of ham and eggs served to him by his sleep-deprived sweetie. She, on the other hand, dozes her way through the morning meal with nothing but coffee, and that always burning cigarette. Good times, good television archetypes.

If you don’t live in the same era as the Ricardos or the Cleavers, your life is almost certainly different. First of all, the spouse who’s doing all the snoring in your home might be a woman (gasp!). Secondly, you probably have a job of your own to head off to in the morning. Thirdly, you may not even have the luxury of your own little twin sized bed to sleep in. So, what’s a person who doesn’t live in TV Land to do?

Five Ways to Help Your Honey Stop Snoring

Chances are good that your partner is aware that they snore. If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably summoned up the courage to mention it at least once. However, they may not be aware that they can do something about it. And even if your partner can’t quit snoring completely, there’s plenty they can do to at least reduce the nighttime cacophony. Here are five ways they can do it:

  1. Don’t booze before bed. Alcohol relaxes the muscles in the airway, which makes breathing more difficult and ultimately, louder.
  2. Lose some weight. More body means more of an effort is needed to provide oxygen to your extra girth.
  3. Buy a humidifier. Dry heat can lead to a dry mouth, which in turn makes breathing sound louder. A little moisture may not cure snoring, but it can reduce the sound.
  4. Sing a song. It sounds crazy, but UK researchers found that people who sang for at least 20 minutes a day reported a reduction in snoring, possibly because of toned muscles.
  5. If the snoring is triggered by back sleeping, sew a tennis ball into your sweetie’s pajamas. The ball will keep your loved one on their side.


If your partner’s snoring is particularly loud, or if you notice them holding their breath between snores, schedule an appointment with their chiropractor or personal care physician immediately. It could be a sign of sleep apnea, an extremely dangerous sleep disorder which can wreak havoc on the heart. Good luck and here’s to a good night’s rest for all.

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