Conquering Back Pain

The main reason that most people go to visit a Chiropractor is because they suffer from some form of lower back, neck or joint pain. While every case is different, most of the time back pain is a result of some type of injury or strain. Nearly one half of working Americans claim to have some type of back pain symptoms throughout the year, and back pain is the number one reason for missing work in the United States.

Your Back – The Unsung Hero of Your Body

Your back is a very complicated part of your body; the vertebrae serve as the framework that supports your entire body, while encasing your spinal cord (which is the literal nerve center of your body). Your neck supports your head (which weighs about 10 pounds all on its own) and everything in your body is attached to your spine. With a network like that, it’s kind of surprising our backs don’t hurt all the time!

Spinal Adjustments Are Safe and Effective

Your Chiropractor is an expert on the spine and has been exhaustively trained to deal with any issue that can arise from a misaligned spine. Regular Chiropractic care can help to relieve lower back pain, and your Chiropractor will educate you on changes that you can make in your lifestyle. Your Chiropractic team can also teach you how to avoid injuring yourself and ways to keep your back strong and healthy.

Here are some tips to help prevent back pain:

  • Embrace a healthy lifestyle and try to keep your weight in check.
  • Maintain a healthy level of physical activity.
  • Change positions often; if you stand while you’re working, make sure to sit down during your breaks. If you spend a lot of time seated, then getting up and walking around every now and then can help restore blood flow and prevent cramping.
  • Be sure that you warm-up before doing any sort of physical activity; a brisk walk can get your muscles ready for more strenuous work or exercise.
  • Drink plenty of water. Try to drink at least 64 oz. a day, or more if you’re overweight.
  • When lifting heavy objects, be sure to lift with your legs while keeping your back straight. Avoid twisting motions while lifting and don’t lift over your head.
  • Wear comfortable shoes; wearing high-heeled shoes or shoes with little or no support can translate into back pain.

If you’re one of the 50 percent of American adults who suffer from regular back pain symptoms, scheduling a visit for a Chiropractic adjustment could result in an almost immediate improvement in your pain and overall health. You don’t have to suffer from back pain; your Chiropractic team can help.

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