Popular Foods With Way Too Many Ingredients

It’s no secret that a raw food diet can help prevent disease and obesity. Eating food that’s as close to the source as possible is a simple, yet effective, way to make sure that you’re getting all of the nutrients that you need to stay healthy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in going completely raw or if you’re just trying to eat less junk, the video above will walk you through the changes required to begin eating more raw foods. You may be surprised to learn just how simple it is to make the switch from junk to raw. One of the most pleasant surprises is that a raw foods diet is surprisingly simple to cook. It doesn’t take a culinary degree to peel fruit, shell nuts or chop up a salad.

If you find that you don’t want to incorporate a completely raw diet, that’s OK. A raw lifestyle isn’t for everyone. However, if you do enjoy prepackaged foods now and again, here’s a list of those that you should try to enjoy in moderation (if at all):

Cereal 01

  • Chocolate cereals- Even though many kids’ cereals brag about the whole grains inside, they’re also made up with other flavorings and additives. If you need to take a chemistry class to understand what’s in your bowl of chocolaty puffs, perhaps it’s not the best food to start your day off with.
  • Frozen waffles- There’s nothing wrong with the occasional waffle for breakfast, but the key is to make your own with whole wheat flour, baking powder and fresh eggs. When made from scratch, waffles aren’t terribly harmful. Some frozen waffles however, can contain up to 29 different and baffling ingredients.
  • Pringles- My chip weakness is one I’m always struggling against. Perhaps the next time I’m tempted to curl up with a can of these, I’ll check out the ingredients. Loaded baked potato flavored Pringles contain 43 different ingredients. Again, chips are an OK indulgence at times, but they’re tastier and healthier when you make them yourself.
  • Breakfast bars- If you’re always on the go, you may find yourself reaching for a morning breakfast bar for a healthy start to your day. However, with upwards of 56 different ingredients, these bars aren’t as wholesome as they pretend to be. For a quick meal on the go, invest in a blender and some fresh fruit. A morning smoothie will get your day started off in a healthy way and it will keep you full for a lot longer than a skimpy little breakfast bar will.
  • Chicken nuggets- When I make fried chicken at home, I use six ingredients: chicken, buttermilk, flour, oil, paprika and pepper. However, frozen chicken nuggets can contain dozens of different ingredients including texturized vegetable protein, artificial flavors from non-meat sources, sugar and disodium inosinate.

Making the decision to swap out even one meal made up of prepackaged foods for raw fruits and veggies can make a huge impact on your health. If you’d like to learn more about how to eat better and live longer, contact your chiropractic team. They’ll be able to explain the impact of nutrition on your life.


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