Purr-fect Stretches for Catlike Reflexes

Is there anything more graceful than a cat? Whether it’s the tabby who’s lying next to your keyboard while you read this or a gorgeous jungle cat, felines are known across the globe as being one of the most graceful of all in the animal kingdom.

While there’s no real way to attain the same flexibility as our feline friends, we can imitate some of their moves to increase our own elasticity. One of the best ways to do so is to incorporate some yoga and pilates poses that mimic the natural stretches of cats.

The Basic Cat

One of the simplest and most effective ways to stretch the back is by performing a stretch known as The Basic Cat. Envision a cat stretching upon waking and try to imitate their pose.

Begin by getting on all fours, keeping your hands beneath your shoulders. Place your back in a neutral position and then take a deep breath as you arch your back slightly. Picture your cat stretching her neck and raising her tail to imitate this pose. Exhale and then drop your body back into a neutral position before completing three more repetitions.

The Cat Stretch

Morning Stretch

Cats stretch their haunches regularly to work out the kinks, and so should we. Continuing to stay on all fours, gently push your bottom toward your heels while stretching your head toward your knees. Hold for a few breaths and then relax. Repeat three more times.

The Paw Stretch

Envision how your cat stretches its forelegs when reaching for something and then stand near a wall with your legs braced. Place your hands at chest level and then “walk” your hands up the wall and back down to give your paws a stretch of their own.

Kitty Barbell Stretch

If your cat is amenable, you may want to incorporate her or him into your workout routine. Lie on your back with kitty on your chest and then gently lift her with both arms as high as you’re both comfortable with. Slowly repeat until your cat walks away haughtily. Believe it or not, I used to have an old tomcat who loved this routine.

Stretching is one of the best things that you can do for your spine, but if you want to ensure a strong and healthy spine for years to come, you’ll want to schedule regular checkups with your chiropractic team. Your chiropractor will make sure that your spine is as strong, healthy and catlike as possible.


Video credit: Purr-fect Stretches for Catlike Reflexes, Photo credit: Morning Stretch by Mance. Used under a Creative Commons license.


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