Seven of the Worst Summer Foods

When I think of summertime, food comes to mind. I envision popsicles, cold sodas, hot dogs and hamburgers, all foods that are not the best of dietary choices. If you find that the scales start to creep up along with the thermometer outside, it could be directly caused by one of these summertime foods. Here are seven of the worst summer foods and what you can substitute instead.

  1. Ice cream sandwiches – Cold and messy, ice cream sandwiches pretty much define summertime. Unfortunately, they won’t leave your abs very defined; one ice cream sandwich can pack a 500 calorie punch. Instead, make your own sandwiches with low calorie sorbet.
  2. Funnel cakes – Made up of flour, shortening, butter and sugar, there’s absolutely no nutritional value in these trans fat-laden treats. If you feel the need for fried dough, you can make it at home with healthier oils and whole wheat flour. Or just pass on this treat altogether.
  3. CORN DOGS!Corn dogs – As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to avoid any food that’s dunked in batter and then deep fried, and even more so when that food is a hot dog filled with dubious nutrients all on its own. Skip the corn dog and just eat a regular hot dog every now and again.
  4. Fried clams – Although there’s no arguing that fried clams are delicious, they’re also incredibly fattening. Just ¾ of a cup is filled with almost 500 calories and 26 grams of fat. Eat them broiled instead of deep fried for a delicious meal without extra fat.
  5. Ribs – Restaurant ribs taste good because they’re swimming in calories and saturated fat even before you pour on the barbecue sauce. Instead, make ribs at home with spices instead of sauces. They’ll be tastier and better for you.
  6. Frozen daiquiris – Synonymous with sun and fun, daiquiris are positively packed with added sugars and contain more calories than a double hamburger! If you must imbibe, do so with a Seabreeze. Vodka, cranberry and grapefruit juice are light and refreshing without the excess calories.
  7. Onion rings – These fall under the same jurisdiction as corn dogs, fried clams and funnel cakes. Deep fried foods are a sure way to pack on the pounds; instead, try a faux fry at home with egg whites, whole wheat flour and breadcrumbs. They’ll come out tastier and healthier than greasy onion rings prepared the ordinary way.

If you’re having trouble keeping your weight under control, you may benefit from talking with your chiropractic team. Your chiropractor will be able to go over your nutritional needs with you and help you understand the sneaky little calorie busters that are hiding in the typical American diet.


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