The Top Nine Signs of Male Depression

All too often, we consider depression to be a condition that affects women. Many times, men in our society consider themselves to be the providers to their families and feel as if they need to be strong caretakers. This may make them less likely than women to seek treatment for this disease that crosses all ages, classes and gender lines.

Most people will find themselves in the midst of a depressive episode at least once in their lifetimes. However, depression may look very different when a man is experiencing it than a woman. Here are nine signs of depression for men. If these symptoms look familiar to you, please contact your care provider for treatment.

Top Signs of Male Depression

  1. Fatigue – One of the top signs of depression in both men and women is a feeling of tiredness, even after getting plenty of rest. Fatigue is especially common in men; they’re much more likely to report this feeling than women are.
  2. Sleep disturbances – Early waking, insomnia and excessive sleeping are all common symptoms of depression. Some may find themselves sleeping up to 12 hours a day, while others may toss and turn all night, trying to stay asleep.Swallowed In The Sea
  3. Back or stomach pain – Headaches, backaches and digestive issues are all common complaints that depressed people have. Because men are more likely than women to have physical symptoms of depression, this is a red flag for the disorder.
  4. Anger or irritability – Whereas women tend to respond to depression with sadness, men often react with anger. This is a common reaction to the negative thoughts and feelings that they may not know how to cope with.
  5. Trouble concentrating – Depression can impair concentration at work or at home. It can lead many men to think that they’re losing their edge, which can increase the negative feelings which are causing the problem.
  6. Anxiety – Again, women are more likely than men to experience this condition, but it’s often easier for men to discuss feelings of anxiety rather than sadness. Without a healthy outlet to discuss their feelings, some men may become fixated on potential problems.
  7. Substance abuse – Depression and substance abuse are often seen together. In fact, some studies show that alcoholics are twice as likely to suffer from depression as those without a drinking problem. Self-medicating is a common reaction to depression, especially among men.
  8. Indecision – This is a particularly painful side effect for many men who believe that they should always be confident and decisive. However, depression frequently limits a person’s ability to know what is “right.”
  9. Suicidal thoughts – While women are more likely than men to attempt suicide, men are four times as likely to die if they make the attempt. The biggest reason is that men are more likely to use a firearm than women are. Older men, in particular, are at risk of suicide while in the midst of a depressive episode.

If you or someone you love is suffering from depression, it’s important to get help right away. Talking to a trusted friend is a good start, but your primary care physician or chiropractor will be able to offer advice on how to combat this easily treatable condition. Depression is painful for all involved, so it’s important to get help quickly.


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