Chiropractic Care and Nutrition

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Chiropractic care and nutrition. You may be surprised to learn that these two seemingly unconnected topics are very much linked together. 

As you probably know, Chiropractic care is very much focused on a holistic approach to total body wellness. Your Chiropractor treats the whole person, not just the spine and joints. This whole body treatment is the basis of Chiropractic philosophy and patient care. Advice and recommendations on nutrition and weight loss are a natural extension of a holistic approach. Your Chiropractor knows that a healthy patient is dependent upon a variety of factors, not just spinal adjustments. 

How much and what you eat effects your weight, naturally. Excess weight increases the load on joints and spine, which in turn can cause stress and pain. Increased fat can harm your posture, increasing the risk of misalignment and the need for Chiropractic treatment. 

We need water to live, and to be healthy.  This is a basic fact of life, one that Chiropractors are always stressing. What manyPouring a glass of water. of us don’t realize is that proper hydration is essential for spinal health. The discs between the vertebrae require an ample supply of water to remain springy, and to serve as the shock absorbers for your spine. Proper hydration is also essential for joint health. If you are not getting enough water, you run the risk of these soft tissues drying out and becoming stiff. This increases your risk of injury, or permanent damage to these essential areas. 

Your Chiropractor may recommend dietary supplements to round out any deficiencies that you have in your diet.  Glucosamine or chondroitin are recommended by a lot of Chiropractors because they promote, and in some cases help to regenerate, damaged cartilage. Omega-3 fatty acids can help to reduce inflammation, one of the symptoms of many conditions that your Chiropractor treats. Calcium may also be suggested to assist in bone health and to help prevent osteoarthritis.

Eating a balanced diet, watching your weight, and getting the right types of nutrients is a concern for any health conscious person. You probably have never really thought about your chiropractor from this point of view, but they’re an excellent resource for holistic health. If you need any advice on nutriton can enhance your chiropractic experience, you should definitely ask.

And remember to drink more water! Chances are better than average you’re not getting enough. Water is great for keeping you healthy, and it’s a great diet aid. Experts believe that one of the major reasons why Americans are so overweight is because of our overconsumption of sugary drinks. Make water your first beverage of choice, and you’re almost guaranteed to notice an increase in your overall health! 


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