Quick and Easy De-stressing Life Hacks You Can Use Anywhere

Stress is a killer. You’ve heard it all your life. Furthermore, chances are better than average that you have way more stress in your life than you’d like. Well, I’ve got both good and bad news for you. The bad news is that there’s really no way to get rid of all the stress in your life (which you already figured out). However, the good news is that it’s possible for anyone to learn how to manage their stress before it starts to affect their health; you just need to learn a few life hacks.

Quick and easy stress relief tips:

Take a quick body inventory, get comfortable and close your eyes; then take a minute and check over each part of your body, starting with your feet. This is a form of focused meditation that helps to center your mind and aid in relaxation. As you make your way up your shoulders and neck you can feel some of the tension and stress starting to flow out of them already. Just a few minutes of focused meditation can have an incredible impact on your stress levels.

Listen to soothing sounds. If you find the sounds of nature soothing, there are many apps you can download to your smartphone that will provide you with the sounds of birds, ocean waves, or any other relaxing sound that floats your boat, for free or next to it. Just a few minutes spent listening to the soothing sounds of nature can have a wonderful restorative effect on your mind and body.

Do some deep breathing exercises. If you find that you have some particularly stressful chores that need to be accomplished, reward yourself with some deep breathing once you’re finished. As an added bonus, you may find that you start to associate the unpleasant job with the reward, which may just make the task a little more tolerable.  

Most people carry their stress in their neck and shoulders, and a quick self-massage session can help to loosen up your muscles and let the stress flow out of your body. Additionally, you may notice that the massage benefits your hands and fingers because they’re doing something else instead of typing or writing. If you suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain, a visit to your Chiropractor can do wonders.

Whatever you do to help yourself de–stress the important thing to remember is that you’re trying to balance your life. Taking a little bit of time out of your work day for you can make you a happier person, and in turn you become a better, more productive employee. Now that’s an outcome where everyone wins!

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